Update on new releases!

Posted by Chuck/Crystal on Jul 18th 2020

Just a little update for everybody!We have pushed out our next big release till mid August/early September, the reason is we have been enjoying our summer and honestly just taking some time off f … read more

April sale.

Posted by Crystal on Apr 30th 2020

By popular demand we are having a small sale on Friday May 1ST at 7PM EST We are selling Bomb Crush bags in 16 oz ish bags  and a few smaller ones will be available also.   … read more

Break Time!! ...and a statement from the owner!!

Posted by Crystal on Apr 11th 2020

We are taking a break from the shop to focus on a few things. Because of the Covid-19 virus that has became part of everyone's life, we decided to close shop for a while to avoid having to leave the h … read more