Break Time!! ...and a statement from the owner!!

Posted by Crystal on Apr 11th 2020

We are taking a break from the shop to focus on a few things. Because of the Covid-19 virus that has became part of everyone's life, we decided to close shop for a while to avoid having to leave the house and give people a chance to get back to a normal life without worrying about purchasing from us. We don't feel it's appropriate to continue being open when so many people have lost their jobs and sources of income. I will take this time to do some things to the site to make some quality of life changes, better categories, different layout and stuff like that.

For now we are going to take this break and relax a bit, enjoy some family time and come up with new ideas for bath bombs.

Some of our new ideas will be from 100% custom created molds made in house.

We are also going to be adding new products out side of the bath /self care lines. We are adding goth/ punk style jewelry and accessories that fits our personal style.