Update on new releases!

Posted by Chuck/Crystal on Jul 18th 2020

Just a little update for everybody!

We have pushed out our next big release till mid August/early September, the reason is we have been enjoying our summer and honestly just taking some time off for myself.

Before the Covid-19 outbreak we had always planned on taking most of the summer off just to have some family time before the holiday season. Because the 'rona disrupted everyone's plans and made working much more difficult we stopped making products to allow us to avoid unnecessary trips outside and contact with others. Its a small step to help from spreading anything harmful to others.

We are fortunate to have a big yard to allow us plenty of playtime outside with our family and pets   I have used this time to think of new product ideas as well as new product lines.  More on that later on

.......And we are adding employees...... Real everyday workers, just so we can keep up with demand :) With that being said  we need to train and get them familiar with making stuff, we hope this change will allow us to have bigger releases to avoid cart robbing and cut down on order times. 

Thanks for all the support